Current Exhibitions

Life in Colour exhibition

Gallery - Life in Colour

Feb 23 - May 14 2023 10-4pm

This exhibition celebrates the life and work of Hay-on-Wye and Clyro’s late Artist in Residence, Eugene Fisk. A former monk inspired by the Fauvists of the 20th century, Fisk’s mastery of colour and the drawn line represent a life devoted to art and the unravelling of the boundaries between the material and spiritual worlds.

Told in collaboration with the Kilvert Gallery, formerly of Clyro’s Ashbrook House and the home of Eugene Fisk and Lizzie Organ, Life in Colour spans 30 years of vibrant portraiture and landscape painting to revisit an alternative way of seeing people and past histories. As the desire to reconnect with nature deepens, along with the need to mindfully reconcile our place within it, perhaps it is time to look again at Eugene’s inner way of outward seeing.

The Kilvert Gallery was created by Lizzie Organ and Eugene Fisk, and as a shrine to design and curation, it represented contemporary artists including Roger Cecil, William Mills, Maryclare Foa, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Charles Shearer, and Rachel Windham.

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150mm Challenge exhibition

Sculpture Gallery - 150mm Challenge

Jan 11th - March 23rd Open daily 10-4pm


We currently have the 150mm Challenge on display - an exhibition of a blacksmithing challenge which brought together artist blacksmiths from around the world, inspiring playful creativity. Its fusion of physical and digital engagement has galvanised thinkers and writers into examining the role of craft in contemporary society and to frame these conversations in a new way.

A celebration of process, material, creativity and ingenuity in forged metal, the #150mmchallenge was originally conceived by Ambrose Burne as “a self-posed challenge to enable me to create a physical ‘calling card’, an object that communicated the potential of forging” (Finney, 2021).

As course tutor at Hereford College of Arts, home to the UK’s only Artist Blacksmithing degree course, Ambrose decided it was a great way to give his students a ‘warm-up’ challenge. He asked them to create something interesting out of a small rectangular piece of steel, 150mm x 20mm x 20mm. Students posted photos of their completed artworks onto the course Instagram account, @herefordanvils, using the hashtag #150mmchallenge.
Freya Bain exhibition

Printmaker in Focus Gallery

Open daily 10-4pm


Next to our 1853 printing press on the first floor we have our new Printmaker in Focus mini-gallery. This space is dedicated to exhibiting the work of local upcoming printmakers whose work is for sale both framed and unframed. Our current exhibition is by Freya Bain, a student at Hereford College of Art studying the Contemporary Design Crafts degree.

William Mills exhibition

Café Gallery

Open daily 10-4pm


Our café on the ground floor currently has a selection of works for sale by artist William (Bill) Mills, who studied painting at Goldsmiths in the 1940s. Bill Mills exhibited widely throughout his lifetime, with twelve one-man shows in the 1990s, and left behind, at his death in 1997, a body of vigorous work that entitles him to a place amongst the best British expressive painters of the 20th Century.