Instruments of Time and Truth Concert

International Baroque Ensemble

Venue: Great Hall

The construction of Hay Castle’s Great Hall sits parallel in time to the music of ‘Instruments of Time and Truth’. With their name inspired by Handel's last oratorio, the ensemble represents world-class performances of baroque and classical music.

Civil war, political upheaval, plague: Hay Castle’s rebirth in the mid-17th Century came at a time of great drama in British history - most memorably observed through the eyes of that great diarist, Samuel Pepys. Instruments of Time and Truth, Oxford’s premier early music ensemble, present a concert exploring the sounds and colours Pepys himself would have been familiar with: music he would have experienced at the theatre in works by Purcell, chamber music by the likes of Matthew Locke that he himself would have played, and finally the diverse range of music that he owned, brought to life from the many books and scores of his famous library.

Bojan Cicic: Violin

Ian Wilson: Recorder

Susanne Heinrich: Viola da Gamba

Linda Sayce: Theorbo

Christopher Bucknall: Harpsichord

Seated tickets only £20

Interval at 20.15pm

To find out more about the group please see: Instruments of Time & Truth

Price: £20.00
Instruments of Time and Truth Concert