Jasper Fforde: Special May Event

Wales - Inspiring Fiction

Venue: Hay Castle Clore Learning Space

Come and join Jasper Fforde for this special Festival evening talk on Sunday 28th May

Jasper will be talking about Wales and it's influence upon his writing over the years.

Jasper first visited Wales when he was five years old and it has been inspiring his life and his work ever since. He moved to the area around Hay permanently in 2000, making his home close to the bustling villageopolis of Clyro, on the far northern banks of the river Wye. The landscape, people and spirit of this part of Wales are a constant source of inspiration and ideas as well as solace and walk-induced meditation. The regions of Radnorshire and Brecknockshire have given inspiration to nearly all of Jasper's books - most obviously in the setting of Shades of Grey, Early Riser, The Last Dragonslayer and The Constant Rabbit. The history of Wales and a sense of Welshness also permeate the backstory of The Eyre Affair with Wales existing as The Welsh Socialist Republic.

Why not come and find out more by joining us for this talk which promises insights into the creative writing process, some photography, maybe some Dodos and a smattering of silliness.

Tickets are £10 and are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.


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Jasper Fforde Talk
Jasper Fforde: Special May Event