Zen no Shodō: The Way of the Zen Brush Workshop

with Stephen Hopkins and Carolyn Blake

Venue: Hay Castle Clore Learning Space
Drawing on the Zen tradition of calligraphy, Zen Brushwork works primarily with ki, or energy. Using a large brush, the intention is to let go of thinking and allow the whole body to connect with the physical act of making a mark: to become one with the brush.
The focus of the practice is to relax body/mind and allow ki to flow freely, through energy raising exercises - yokiho - and sitting meditation - zazen.

In the course of the day we will work with mujibō, the Zen line, ensō, the Zen circle, and complete the day by brushing Mu ichí Ji, translated as "Not one thing", on Japanese paper.

Cost: £35 waged, £25 unwaged.
Ink, brushes and paper will be supplied. No experience necessary.


Mae y Gwaeth Brwsh Zen yn gweithio’n bennaf gyda ki, neu egni, ac yn tynnu ar y traddodiad Zen o galigraffi. Trwy ddefnyddio brush mawr, y bwriad yw rhoi’r goran i feddwl a chaniatáu i’r corff cyfan gysylltu â’r weithred gorfforol o wneud marc: i ddod yn un gyda’r frwsh.
Ffocws yr armer yw ymlacio’r corff / meddwl a chaniatáu I ki lifo’n rhydd, try ymarferon codi egni - yokiho - a myfyrdod eistedd - zazen.
Yn ystod y dydd byddwn yn gweithio gyda mujibō, y llinell Zen, ensō, y gylch Zen, Mu ichi Ji, Dim un peth, ar bapur Japaneaidd.

Cost: £35 cyflog, £25 dicyflog.
Bydd inc, brwshys a phapur yn cael eu cyflenwi. Nid oes angen profiad.

(The course will be delivered in English)

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Zen no Shodō: The Way of the Zen Brush Workshop