Field Work: Bella Bathurst in conversation with Andy Fryers

Part of our fortnightly Wednesday evening talks

Venue: Hay Castle Clore Learning Space

There’s gardening on the TV and agriculture in the news, but we still know little about the people who shape our landscape and put food on our tables.

What does it really take to pull a life out of earth? Do you have to be born to it?

Writer and photojournalist Bella Bathurst talks to Andy Fryers, Sustainability Director of Hay Festival Foundation about her new book FIELD WORK, part memoir, part documentary about the people she worked with and spoke to while researching the book - the Howells on Garway (the main farm in the book) plus others: the abattoir in Talgarth, Caines the fallen stock drivers, Belmont vets. This is the story of farmers as told by farmers.

4th Oct Bella Bathurst